1. How many children and youths do MILK help annually?
For 2012, MILK hopes to help about 17,500 children, both locally and overseas.

2. What is the age group of children that MILK helps?
0 – 25 years.

3. What is the background of the children that MILK supports?
These children and youth come from troubled or low-income families and impoverished communities, and are often caught in a downward cycle that their circumstances destine them to.

4. How does MILK help?
MILK supports them in their education, care and guidance, vocational and livelihood development, or other special needs so as to help them break out of the disadvantaged circumstances they were born into.

5. How does MILK implement its programmes for the children?
MILK works through a committed group of partners, each specializing in their area of expertise. We focus on plugging gaps in the social service sector rather than duplicating what is already in existence. In a unique partnership formed with local partners, MILK plays the role of advocacy and fund raising while the partners focus on providing direct services for the children. In other words, MILK does not do direct work – the children that MILK serves are under these partners.

We regret to inform that we do not accept funding requests from non-partners and individuals.

6. Who are MILK’s partners?
Please refer to www.milk.org.sg/partners for details.

7. How much does MILK need to raise every year?
For 2012, MILK needs $2.5 million to support 8 programmes (6 in Singapore and 2 overseas).

8. Can companies / schools raise funds for MILK?
MILK strives for best practices and adheres to good governance as best as possible. We are happy to explore adoption of MILK as a beneficiary of any fund raising events by companies or individuals. However, for good governance, there is an approval process involved which we have to seek your kind understanding with. Kindly contact the MILK team (62224123 / info@milk.org.sg) and we will be happy to advice accordingly.

9. Can companies or schools volunteer with MILK or bring MILK beneficiaries out?

Due to the nature of MILK’s work, we currently have very limited opportunities that allow interaction with the beneficiaries. We find it more helpful to connect the offering company / school with our partners as our partners are the ones who would be able to offer volunteer opportunities with or outings for the beneficiaries. Please feel free to contact us (62224123 / info@milk.org.sg) with your enquiry if you wish to and we will be happy to do the necessary link-up.

10. Does MILK accept donation-in-kind?
If the items are food, daily necessities, or anything meant for beneficiaries directly, we will be happy to check with our partners if they have a need for the items. Details like condition of the items, quantity, and whether the items can be delivered to the partners will be factors for consideration. We seek your kind understanding should we in any circumstances be unable to accept your kind offer.

11. What is MILK’s policy on reserves?
Reserves to be built up continuously as much as is necessary to achieve our vision of “No child capable of developing into a contributing member of the society will be marginalised because of disability, illness, poverty or social circumstances” for as long as there exist a need, immediate or otherwise, and accordingly, no set desired level of reserves is necessary.

Investment of reserves must only be in Singapore Dollar denominated bank deposit and with banks within Singapore only.

The reserves policy will be reviewed from time to time on a need basis and to be disclosed in the annual report.

12. What are MILK’s operating expenses?
MILK is committed to minimising its operating costs. This is possible because MILK has recruited key volunteers who actively contribute their time and expertise towards the cause. Supporting them is a small team of staff who execute day to day operation. As far as possible, MILK tries not to incur any fund-raising costs so that most of the funds raised is directed towards the programmes we support.

13. How do I donate to MILK?

Cash – we welcome walk-ins for cash donations from Mon to Fri 9am-3pm (cut off time due to cash bank-in timings at our bank). Please note that we do not encourage cash donations via mail or any other methods.
Cheques – cheque donations can be made out to ‘MILK Fund’ and posted to us at our office address: No.1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #02-10 Enterprise One Singapore 415934.
Credit card - credit card donations can be made online via our SG Gives page at www.sggives.org.sg/milkfund.
Regular / monthly donation – regular / monthly donation can be made using credit card by filling up the MILK contribution form and faxing it to us (62224023) or sending the original to us at our office: No.1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #02-10 Enterprise One Singapore 415934.

For any donation, kindly furnish us with your particulars by filling up the MILK contribution form to accompany the donation.

14. Can I get tax deduction for my donation?

Donations towards Local Work
Yes, MILK has IPC (Institute of Public Character) status and is able to issue tax deduction. Donations $50 and above for local work are eligible for tax deduction. Up to 31 December 2015, the tax deductible rate is 2.5 times of the donation amount.

Example: If the donation is $50, the donor will be eligible for $125 (2.5 times). The 2.5 times tax deduction is deducted against statutory income (which includes employment, trade income, etc) before arriving at assessable income.

From 1 January 2011, all individuals and businesses are required to provide the tax reference number in order to be given tax deductions on the donations (IRAS will no longer accept claims for tax deduction based on donation receipts):
- Individuals: NRIC or FIN
- Companies: Unique Entity Number (UEN)

Just in case there is anything that requires clarification about the donation, the following details will also be sought for:
- contact number
- email address
- mailing address

Tax deductions for the donations will be automatically reflected in your tax assessments. However, MILK will still issue a hard copy of tax deduction receipts as a practice. Should you not wish to receive hard copies, kindly inform us accordingly.

Donors who wish to remain anonymous and do not wish to claim tax deduction are not required to provide their tax reference numbers to the IPCs. Similarly, donors who do not provide the necessary details even after attempts for clarification will be treated as anonymous.

Donations towards Overseas Work
In accordance to IRAS regulations, donations towards overseas works are not eligible for tax deduction. An official receipt is issued in place of a tax deduction receipt.

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