1. Healthy Start Child Development Centre (HSCDC):
Partner: Beyond Social Services

HSCDC provides children with a quality environment that nurtures their growth and developmental needs emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically.  This is done by providing quality pre-school curriculum and nurturing a positive partnership with their caregivers. The childcare facilities also prepare the children for life-long learning while enabling their parents to work on improving their financial situation.

2. LIFE (Learning is Fun & Exciting)
Partner: Beyond Social Services

LIFE is a basic literacy programme targeted at children from disadvantaged backgrounds, to help them attain their age appropriate literacy level so that they may have an opportunity to further their education.  This is done by strengthening their English, which will then enable them to develop literacy skills in other areas, and rebuild their confidence and enthusiasm for learning. LIFE works towards ensuring that children, their families and schools work collaboratively to enhance the effectiveness of the programme.

3. Juvenile Justice Programme
Partner: Beyond Social Services

The Juvenile Justice Programme in schools is targeted at at-risk students, to reduce delinquency and encourage them to stay in school. Support is provided to the schools by addressing social and familial issues that contribute to offending, truancy and other delinquency issues. Work is done in partnership with the school, home and the community to provide a holistic approach towards delinquency management.

4. ATF Supplement
Partner: Centre for enabled Living (CEL)

The ATF, implemented by Centre for Enabled Living (CEL), provides persons with disabilities with financial assistance in purchasing assistive technology devices, to pursue mainstream education or gain employment.  Applicants who qualify can receive a subsidy of a maximum of 90% of the cost of the device or S$10,000, whichever is lower.  Often, low income applicants are unable to afford their portion of the co-payment and hence run the risk of not getting the much-needed equipment at all.  MILK provides a supplement on top of the ATF subsidy for applicants who are unable to afford their share of the co-payment.

5. Learning Enhancement and Special Needs Intervention
Partner: Northlight School

Northlight School targets students who have had many unsuccessful attempts at passing their Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) examinations. The students are exposed to a vocational educational programme, customised to prepare their students for life-long learning and employability. Northlight continues to refine their programmes to be more effective.

Learning Enhancement through the Use of Technology
Many disadvantaged students in Northlight School do not have access to computers or the internet at home. To narrow the ‘digital divide’, MILK is looking into supporting each class with notebook computers to enhance learning through the use of technology.

6. Bursary for Assumption Pathway School Students
Partner: Assumption Pathway School

Assumption Pathway School (APS) caters to students who have failed their PSLE once or more, we well as students who prematurely leave secondary school. Many students come from low-income or dysfunctional families.

Due to APS’ limited resources, they are only able to provide financial assistance to a limited number of students instead of all who needs it. MILK works in partnership with APS to provide financial assistance for these remaining students.

7. Republic Polytechnic Needy Student Fund
Partner: Republic Polytechnic (RP)

The Republic Polytechnic Needy Student Fund helps needy students tide over financial difficulties brought about when there is a loss of a breadwinner, hospitalisation of a family member, retrenchment or bankruptcy. The programme helps students who do not have enough for food or transport and other daily needs, despite exhausting all other available resources.

RP Student Pocket Money Scheme (SPMS)
The SPMS assists needy students who have difficulty with their daily living expenses due to financial challenges.

RP Student Emergency Scheme (SES)
The SES provides compassionate financial assistance to students in crisis due to the death or hospitalisation of an immediate family member.

8. MILK Scholarship
Partner: Selected Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) in Singapore

The MILK Scholarship is an educational grant that enables needy students and their siblings access to a Polytechnic or University education. It reaches out to promising youth, who would otherwise have to forego the opportunity of a tertiary qualification and realising their full potential. These youth come from low income households with multiple family problems, some have special needs or siblings with special needs. To complement the financial assistance, social workers from partner organisations enhance the help with other counselling and support programmes.

9. Bursary for Pathlight Students
Partner: Pathlight School

MILK provides bursaries to 35 – 40% of students in Pathlight School from low income families.  Pathlight School is the first autism-focused school offering the Singapore mainstream curriculum with special accommodations and support to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  MILK’s bursary provides supplementary support to cover school transport, pocket money, uniforms, textbooks, stationery and enrichment programmes. 

10. Compassion Fund
Partner: Compassion Fund Ltd

Compassion Fund is a crisis response fund that supports disadvantaged students in crisis. This crisis is may be brought about by death, a sudden major illness or an accident in their family. Without assistance and support, such families are at risk of declining into poverty and developing chronic family problems, with a detrimental impact on the lives of the children. Compassion Fund offers interim financial assistance and will link beneficiaries with longer-term help if necessary; it complements, and does not replace, existing assistance schemes. Compassion Fund was initiated and has been incubated by MILK since 2006, and was established as a separate entity in 2009.

11. MILK Community Foundation for Children
Partner: The Community Foundation of Singapore

Early Literacy Development Programme
The early literacy development programme, run by the Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centres, promotes early development of literacy for identified young children who require additional literacy support in addition to attending preschool. This will be achieved through intensive and individualised home-based reading curriculum, extensive experiential training to facilitate the application of non-directive language use and comprehensive centre-based activities. These activities will be customised to the literacy level of each individual child.

Short Term Family Resilience Scheme
HELP Family Service Centre initiated the Short Term Family Resilience Scheme to provide interim financial assistance for single-parent families in need as they progress toward income stability and independence. This assistance is a last resort assistance to families after they have exhausted all available means of community based resources. While the families are receiving the financial support, HELP FSC provides budget counselling, skills upgrading for parents to enhance their capability and other counselling and support programmes.

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